Dear Diary...

Job… Hmmm…

Today My Mother asked me, ‘What would I like to be when I’m done with my school life. Ummm… So… I was…. thinking whole night about it. Every field has a challenge in it but that doesn’t mean you can skip them by choosing easier field.

I wanted to do Engineering and something that could take me to a private and yet comfortable job. I was wrong. Private jobs can never be COMFORTABLE! NEVER! 

Yet, still my Parents want me to choose something with more options and wealth in future. But I think I’d do something I feel can be the best of me. Something I’m Interested in. So, I decided I’ll choose Journalism! Yes! I love reading and writing, Exploring new things and discuss and debate about it. So, in short It’s the best Option.

On the other hand I told this to my Father. And he was happy to hear that. He asked me to write a Diary Daily. It will shape my writing skills. So, Yeah. I’m going to turn out this Blog into a Diary. I don’t really care if someone is watchin it or not…. someone is Interested in reading all my boring stuffs or not. I just need to train myself to be a journalist, right from class 10th. Fingers Crossed I’ll do my Best!

Okay. My Mistake.
Starting with Yesterday,
I know It was all my Mistake and I’m hiding it.
I Broke my Earphones.
Third time in a week.
I know, I know, It’s actually crazy and stupidest thing ever.
First time I broke my Dazzling favourite P!nk color earphones! I loved them! Actually to the fact I loved them so much that I Listened to music like… 18 hours per day! Well, They looked cool.
But One day while I listened to songs. I broke them. Don’t ask me how! It’s a very very Long and typical story…
Then I requested Daddy to get me new ones. He declined at first but then said yes by the end of the day. So, I got new Black colour Gothic kinda earphones…. They were one of the most amazing things in my life.
I broke them too. My ipod flipped and flew away while I danced weirdly on the song. Causing earphones to de-attach.
Luckily Nothing happened to my ipod, but the condition of my earphones was something… you’d laugh on… like a retarded seal!
Okay, This time I was scared to ask Daddy for another earphone. But collecting all the courage I had, I went to him and requested another. He was like… (@_@!) ‘How can you break things so easily Sweety?’
And I was like… (*O.O) ‘I’m sorry Daddy, It just happens… What, why, how. I donno. It just… matter of hate and love. I love earphones and they hate me with the same spirit.’
Luckily he bought me another earphone! This one was very sexy red coloured.
I was like treating this one like my BABY. I kept it properly, asked him if he was in a mood to break or something that kind?
It went smoothly until today.
Today I broke this one too!
I have no other option left. I’m hiding it, somewhere. BUT WHERE?
Daddy knows every corner of our house!
Okay, I need help! There are few people who can help me like my cousin! But NO. I won’t ask his help! Actually never in a million years! I need to do something. I can’t ask Daddy new earphones! Instead I need to hide this one. Somewhere he’d never reach.
Whenever he asks me where are my earphones I’m like… (%O.O) ‘Uhhh…. Sleeping in my bedroom. Or Actually Resting in peace? R.I.P. my poor Earphones.
Mood:- Guilty and Scared.
Listening to:- Actually I’m too scared to listen to songs now.
Playing:- With my broken earphones.


Well, I usually listen to rock and pop music by my favourite singer…. But If that doesn’t work… then I’d rather Stay Online for hours chatting on FB, tweeting on twitter following on tumblr… Yeah, Most like that…